South Dakota PUC Hearing Update

As you may know, there have been recent hearings across the Midwest related to the CO2 projects in development.

This week, in South Dakota, Summit Carbon Solution’s carbon capture project was delayed based on a decision by the Public Utilities Commission. This decision was not on the merits of the Summit project but instead was dismissed based on the changing regulations on the county level.

Summit has already announced plans to rework the plan, refile, and continue to move forward with the project in South Dakota. In a statement, Summit emphasized its commitment to “South Dakotans and the state’s ethanol and sustainable-aviation-fuel industries.”  

To date, Summit has gained voluntary easements from nearly 75% of landowners along the route. Additionally, they are partnering with nine biorefineries in South Dakota. Summit continues to highlight the goal of working with South Dakota to benefit South Dakotans.

Despite some recent setbacks, carbon sequestration is more important now than ever. While states – like California – enact policies to reduce carbon emissions and place restrictions on companies and industries, capturing, transporting, and permanently storing CO2 is going to be essential.

We will continue to provide updates as these projects progress. Thank you for your support