Summit Announces Partnership with World’s Second Largest Corn Ethanol Producer

This week, Summit Carbon Solutions announced a partnership with Valero. Valero is the world’s second-largest corn ethanol producer and will serve as a shipper on the proposed Summit pipeline across the Midwest.

With this move, eight Valero ethanol facilities – including those in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska ,and South Dakota – will link up with the Summit Pipeline, marking a total of 57 ethanol facilities involved in the Summit Project.

The Founder and Executive Chairman of Summit Agricultural Group, Bruce Rastetter said, “By integrating Valero’s facilities into this project, we will make major strides in providing more than a billion gallons of low-carbon fuels to a marketplace hungry for the product. This project ensures the agriculture and biofuels industries will remain dynamic and competitive, meeting the needs of today while preparing for the opportunities of tomorrow.”

Summit Carbon Solutions CEO, Lee Blank, added, “This project represents a significant step forward that is grounded in the humble and hardworking spirit of agriculture.”

Read the full press release from Summit here.