Carbon Capture Solutions Continue to Build Support Across South Dakota

Securing 70% voluntary easements for the active route, the company is significantly contributing to the projected $6 billion annual economic impact of carbon capture in South Dakota.

In a late June announcement, Summit Carbon Solutions noted they have reached a major milestone in voluntary easements, signing 70 percent of the route in South Dakota and project wide, while continuing to partner with more landowners every day.

These partnerships represent an overwhelming majority of landowners who understand the company’s commitment to protecting the economic viability of key South Dakota industries through providing decarbonization solutions. “We are proud to work with so many landowners who see the priority we are putting on farmers and their unique needs throughout the lifecycle of the pipeline.” said CEO Lee Blank. “We’re dedicated to favorable easements for landowners across the project, underscoring our mutual goal—a robust agricultural and ethanol industry.”


Summit Carbon Solutions is partnering with 34 Midwest ethanol plants, including eight in South Dakota, investing $800 million investment in South Dakota. The company’s success is because of the understanding it will:

  • Enhance the ethanol industry, supporting plant workers, contractors, and farmers who sell their corn.
  • Cultivate new markets in the upper Midwest.
  • Uplift farmers through fair compensation, respectful land restoration, proper drain tile management and comprehensive indemnification.

These key project milestones come following the recent announcements of additional partners in Iowa and South Dakota, Absolute Energy and NuGen Energy.

This project is set to boost the rural economy and strengthen national security and energy stability. South Dakota will play a pivotal role in that.