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Ringneck Energy CEO Walt Wendland: “Don’t apply different pipeline rules to ethanol, our most important state energy industry”

Onida, South Dakota-based Ringneck Energy “produces renewable energy that adds value to grain and livestock production, enhances the income” of its “investor partners” and “provides a safe and rewarding work environment that creates economic opportunities for the community.” The company’s CEO Walt Wendland recently took to the DakotaWarCollege.com blog to offer his perspective regarding the importance of carbon capture and sequestration projects to South Dakota. In his piece, Wendland wrote that the South Dakota legislature should not be considering “changing decades old policies to pick and choose which projects should have the right to use eminent domain.” An excerpt from his commentary is below. “The proposed Carbon Capture pipelines are common carriers under the law. They are transportation entities which have contracted with others to transport goods for a fee. They conduct open seasons and maintain [...]

February 7, 2023|

“Iowa Easement Team” Based Out of Nebraska Attorney’s Office

Projects like carbon capture create strange alliances that challenge us all to really understand what is happening and who is behind it. For example, farmers in Iowa are being contacted by a group that calls itself the “Iowa Easement Team.” The “Iowa Easement Team” is an anti-ethanol group based out of the law offices of Domina Law in Omaha, Nebraska. As you may remember, Domina Law’s Brian Jorde “is working with the Sierra Club” in opposition to a proposed state-of-the-art carbon capture pipeline, according to a media report Jorde and the Sierra Club’s Jessica Mazour “co-host weekly Zoom strategy sessions for landowners who oppose the pipeline. They've also filed legal documents with the Iowa Utilities Board accusing pipeline developers of not following the letters of the law.” While Jorde tries to [...]

February 2, 2023|

Dana Siefkes-Lewis: “Carbon capture pipeline prepares ethanol industry for the future”

Dana Siefkes-Lewis, director of public affairs for Summit Carbon Solutions in South Dakota, recently wrote a compelling op-ed for the Aberdeen News regarding the promise of carbon pipelines. In the piece, Siefkes-Lewis effectively states that we need to "find new ways to make investments today that adequately prepare us for the future and take advantage of emerging economic opportunities." An excerpt is below. "In South Dakota, corn production generates more than $4 billion in total value for the state and remains a key driver of our ag economy. Historically, we have celebrated how this level of productivity among our corn growers makes them leaders in both feeding and fueling the world. The ethanol industry today purchases approximately 60% of all the corn grown in the state, which makes the dozens of ethanol plants [...]

January 31, 2023|

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz Champions Biofuels

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz recently championed biofuels during remarks he made to attendees of the 2023 MN AG EXPO at the Mayo Clinic Health System Event Center in Mankato. Gov. Walz said he was "incredibly hopeful" about the future of agriculture in Minnesota. He specifically cited investments in biofuels as one major reason for optimism. Gov. Walz also noted that "Minnesota can be a hub for the sustainable aviation fuel industry." Listen to Gov. Walz’s remarks below.

January 26, 2023|

South Dakota War College: “Elected officials shouldn’t forget that South Dakotans view ethanol as critical to development & ag”

South Dakota War College, a popular South Dakota-based political website, recently posted a must-read commentary that noted that a “massive majority of South Dakotans surveyed” regard “ethanol as critical to economic growth, agriculture, and the environment.” The commentary also rebuked the radical activists who oppose carbon pipelines. Such extreme opponents are indeed “costing” the “state’s farmers and ethanol producers,” despite the “the importance of ethanol production” to South Dakota. An excerpt from the post is below: “I was clicking around on the Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline website (in advertiser’s row, at the top of the page on the right),  and was reminded of a survey from last year where a massive majority of South Dakotans surveyed expressed that they view ethanol as critical to economic growth, agriculture, and the environment. …. What was on [...]

January 19, 2023|

Follow the Money: Deep-Pocketed Foundations Funnel Big Money to Radical Special Interest Group Honor the Earth

Honor the Earth is an extreme Callaway, Minnesota-based special interest group that opposes the carbon capture and storage projects that are revolutionizing American agriculture. Winona LaDuke, HTE’s executive director, has attacked carbon capture as a “crazy idea,” despite broad bipartisan support for this groundbreaking technology. Since 2013, HTE has received grants totaling more than $5.74 million from organizations giving at least $25,000. The JPB Foundation, a foundation created by Barbara Picower, provided $800,000 in grants to HTE. In 2014, Forbes described her as “the widow of the biggest beneficiary of the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme.” A leader in the radical fossil fuel divestment movement, the McKnight Foundation has poured $350,000 into HTE’s coffers. The McKnight Foundation is also a major funder of the anti-ethanol Sierra Club and the far-left Tides [...]

January 19, 2023|

In Case You Missed It: “Letter to the Editor: Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline official responds”

Rod Dillon is the director of regulatory compliance for Summit Carbon Solutions. He recently set the record straight regarding carbon capture, transportation, and storage projects in a letter to the editor that appeared in the Globe Gazette. An excerpt is below: "Over the past year, there has been a fair amount of discussion around carbon capture, transportation, and storage projects like Summit Carbon Solutions, including some recent comments by the local political parties. Given that debate, it’s important from our perspective to separate fact from fiction. “First, landowners across Iowa and the Midwest are embracing this project. That is evident by the fact that 2,400 landowners have signed 3,800 easement agreements with Summit Carbon Solutions accounting for 57% of the proposed route. In Hancock County, where some have mischaracterized local support, [...]

January 17, 2023|

Radical Winona LaDuke Continues Her War On American Energy

With several carbon pipelines now planned, it’s no surprise that Winona LaDuke, the ethically challenged co-founder and executive director of Honor the Earth, has emerged as a hyperbolic and dishonest critic of such projects. During the construction of Line 3 and the Dakota Access Pipeline, LaDuke invited radical activists to come to Minnesota and North Dakota to try to violently stop infrastructure projects that were good for the environment because they made it safer to transport energy. LaDuke compared Line 3 workers to Nazi executioners when she argued that working on the pipeline’s construction was “kind of like getting a job” at the Auschwitz extermination camp where approximately one million Jews were murdered. In opposing Line 3, she threatened violence and organized a protest that led to an attack on a Native American-owned construction company – all because she did not get [...]

January 12, 2023|

In the News: Ethanol Production Continues to be Strong

Ethanol production continues to be strong, and investing in carbon capture will help ensure we keep seeing headlines like this. Iowa’s ethanol production sets new record, group says Ethanol plants in Iowa produced an estimated 4.5 billion gallons in 2022 — a new record for the state, according to the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association. The association’s estimate is based on survey data, public reports and other information. It surpasses the state’s 2021 estimated production record of 4.4 billion gallons. “Iowa continues to set the pace for ethanol production around the world,” said Monte Shaw, executive director of the association. “The attractive price of E15 and E85 drove sales during the 2022 gas price spike. Barring a recession, we expect ethanol demand to grow each year as Iowa and other states [...]

January 10, 2023|

Honor the Earth’s Permanent Campaign Against American Energy

What do you do when you fail at efforts to stop a much-needed upgrade of the Line 3 oil pipeline that runs from Edmonton, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin? If you are the Minnesota-based extreme environmental group Honor the Earth that is best known for its failed efforts to stop Line 3, a $2.9-billion critical infrastructure project that traverses 13 miles in North Dakota, 337 miles in Minnesota, and 14 miles in Wisconsin, you try to stop carbon capture projects. After comparing Line 3 workers to Auschwitz executioners during its failed attempt to stop Line 3, HTE is trying to pivot – to stop projects that will take carbon out of our environment. With that kind of history, it should come as no surprise that HTE is engaged in outrageous and reckless rhetoric [...]

January 6, 2023|

In Case You Missed It: “The Ethanol Report”

As we move into the new year, it’s a good time to take stock of how Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology is revolutionizing American agriculture. Today, we revisit the Renewable Fuels Association’s November 23, 2022, episode of “The Ethanol Report,” which examined the critical role America’s ethanol industry is playing in strengthening America’s rural economy by advancing CCS technology. During this must-listen episode, RFA chairman Erik Huschitt spoke to the following guests regarding the current landscape: ·         Badger State Ethanol, RFA president and CEO Geoff Cooper ·         Summit Carbon Solutions Chief Commercial Officer Jim Pirolli ·         Navigator CO2 vice president of government and public affairs Elizabeth Burns Thompson ·         Wolf Carbon Solutions senior vice president for corporate development Nick Noppinger ·         South Dakota farmer and ethanol plant founder Ron Alverson ·         Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation president Mark McHargue Listen to [...]

January 4, 2023|

Our New Year’s Resolution for the Sierra Club!

Tell people the truth – that you don’t want farmers to grow corn, produce ANY ethanol, or even drive trucks, cars, and tractors. Tell green energy advocates you will never support carbon capture or anything that makes real progress toward our climate goals. We know you won’t do that – but it’s a new year and time to be aspirational!

December 31, 2022|


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