About Midwest Ag Future

About Us

Midwest Ag Future is a volunteer organization of businesses and individuals whose families, communities, and livelihoods depend on a healthy agricultural sector.

It was originally founded by Midwest Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance members to support agriculture and related equipment and infrastructure industries, all vital to our sectors and the broader economy.

Expanding beyond our initial base, we have been joined by businesses, organizations, and individuals who understand the importance of actively supporting agriculture with their collective voices and resources. Sharing information, advocating for projects, and countering wrong or misleading information are some of the important ways we work together to support agriculture.

Our Mission

Midwest Ag Future aims to bring people together to support agriculture, farmers, and Main Street America; guaranteeing they remain key to our lives and our economy for generations to come. Promoting ethanol with carbon capture has the potential to preserve the future of agriculture and protect our economic way of life.