Midwest Ag Future brings people together to support agriculture, farmers, and Main Street America; guaranteeing they remain key to our lives and our economy for generations to come. Ethanol with carbon capture ensures that bright future.

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Agriculture is Main Street America

Agriculture is the heartbeat and backbone of Main Street America, the Midwest economy and way of life. Ethanol is key to the future of Midwest agriculture, because it maintains a market for half of the corn crop, helps maintain good farm incomes, and is part of the foundation for high farmland values.

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Ethanol with Carbon Capture

Ethanol helps power our lives, lowers energy costs, improves the environment, provides domestic energy and supports our Midwest standard of living. Capturing and permanently storing carbon from the ethanol production process makes ethanol a net-zero fuel and guarantees its future 

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Carbon Capture Infrastructure

To ensure a bright future for Midwest agriculture, we must build the infrastructure that captures and transports carbon from ethanol refineries to permanent underground storage. Carbon capture, transportation, and storage projects do just that.

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Environment, Climate and Quality of Life

Carbon capture, transportation, and storage projects are key to reducing carbon emissions, mitigating climate change, supporting a vibrant and growing Midwest agriculture economy, and maintaining a healthy, safe, and thriving standard of living throughout the Midwest. Supporting these infrastructure projects safeguards our region’s and our families’ futures.  

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Your Voice is Needed! Sign the Petition to Show Your Support for Proven Technology for Carbon Capture, Transportation, and Storage

These projects have the opportunity to ensure a bright outlook for Midwestern corn growers and ethanol plants for generations to come. Without utilizing this proven technology, the future of our agriculture industry, rural communities, and our economic way of life are at risk.

You can help make these projects a reality. Simply by taking a few minutes to submit a comment here, you can show your support for carbon capture, storage, and transportation projects.

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