Radical Winona LaDuke Continues Her War On American Energy

With several carbon pipelines now planned, it’s no surprise that Winona LaDuke, the ethically challenged co-founder and executive director of Honor the Earth, has emerged as a hyperbolic and dishonest critic of such projects.

During the construction of Line 3 and the Dakota Access Pipeline, LaDuke invited radical activists to come to Minnesota and North Dakota to try to violently stop infrastructure projects that were good for the environment because they made it safer to transport energy.

LaDuke compared Line 3 workers to Nazi executioners when she argued that working on the pipeline’s construction was “kind of like getting a job” at the Auschwitz extermination camp where approximately one million Jews were murdered. In opposing Line 3, she threatened violence and organized a protest that led to an attack on a Native American-owned construction company – all because she did not get her way in stopping the project

Now she wants to stop carbon capture projects that are essential if the United States is going to meet climate change goals. For people not quite sure where they are related to carbon capture, ask yourself this question: Why would someone like LaDuke who claims to be a “water protector” go to such extremes to try to stop projects that are better for the environment?

Indeed, carbon capture is what has to happen to address climate goals and to move to carbon free energy. Without carbon capture, the goals will never be realized. Yet radicals like LaDuke and the Sierra Club are already using the same strategy and tactics. They will do anything to mislead, confuse, and threaten to get their way.

This is our chance to reject these divisive figures and come together to support carbon capture, boost our Midwest economies, and stand for something that gives us the only chance to address climate energy goals.

While we are planning new pipelines, expect to hear the same old lies and threats from well-funded (and violent) activists.

Next week, we will examine the organizations that fund LaDuke and enable the threats and violence she promotes.