In Case You Missed It: “Letter to the Editor: Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline official responds”

Rod Dillon is the director of regulatory compliance for Summit Carbon Solutions. He recently set the record straight regarding carbon capture, transportation, and storage projects in a letter to the editor that appeared in the Globe Gazette.

An excerpt is below:

“Over the past year, there has been a fair amount of discussion around carbon capture, transportation, and storage projects like Summit Carbon Solutions, including some recent comments by the local political parties. Given that debate, it’s important from our perspective to separate fact from fiction.

“First, landowners across Iowa and the Midwest are embracing this project. That is evident by the fact that 2,400 landowners have signed 3,800 easement agreements with Summit Carbon Solutions accounting for 57% of the proposed route. In Hancock County, where some have mischaracterized local support, that figure is ahead of that pace at 64%. These landowners are voluntarily signing these easement agreements because they know the ethanol industry, which today purchases almost 60% of all the corn grown in Iowa, is at a crossroads.”

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