Union Member Cliff Stargile: “Carbon capture will help North Dakota lead the nation again”

Cliff Stargile, a 15-year member of the Laborers International Union of North America Local 563, powerfully advocated for the construction of carbon capture and sequestration pipelines in a letter to the Bismarck Tribune.

Stargile noted that his union has “been integral in the state’s power generation industry. Pipeline construction is my specialty, and I’ve been involved in many key pipelines here in the state.”

“North Dakota is poised to be the biggest player in a relatively new industry – carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). … The nation’s largest CCS pipeline system is planned across five states, culminating in central North Dakota. The state has the best geological formation for carbon capture which could lead to billions in additional projects and jobs,” Stargile wrote.

“Keeping North Dakota energy competitive requires carbon emissions management, and I am hoping legislators take appropriate steps to keep our industry alive and well for decades. CCS will allow me the opportunity to continue working in the state, instead of chasing pipeline work all across the country,” Stargile concluded.