‘Friends of the Earth’ No Friend to Farmers and Ethanol Producers

The radical activist group, Friends of the Earth, is no friend to the nation’s farmers and ethanol producers.

This week, FOE and the so-called Open Markets Institute released a survey purporting to show that carbon capture and sequestration pipelines are a bad bet for small and medium-sized farmers.

Readers of the survey should consider the source: FOE is a longtime harsh opponent of ethanol producers.

On its website, FOE attacks ethanol for “increasing the cost of food, harming consumers, and wasting taxpayer money. Corn ethanol is neither environmentally nor socially sustainable and cannot be a part of any clean energy future.”

FOE slammed the Biden administration’s biofuels mandate. “This is a toxic plan directly at odds with the Biden Administration’s commitment to Environmental Justice. Charging electric vehicles with forests and factory farms should be a non-starter,” FOE said in a statement.

Despite the misinformation from FOE, the truth is that carbon pipelines create transformative economic opportunities for small and medium-sized farmers by establishing new markets that pay more for their products.

In turn, these new markets strengthen the long-term viability of the ethanol industry for future generations of Midwest corn growers.