Summit Announces Partnership with World’s Largest Ethanol Producer – POET

This week is starting with a bang for all things carbon capture!

Yesterday, it was announced that POET – the world’s largest ethanol producer – is partnering with Summit Carbon Solutions on their carbon capture and storage project. This will connect POET’s 17 ethanol plants (5 in South Dakota, 12 in Iowa) with the proposed Summit pipeline, marking more than 50 ethanol plants on board.

POET’s founder and CEO, JEFF Broin said, “POET is excited to partner with Summit Carbon Solutions on this historic project. As the world seeks low-carbon energy solutions, carbon capture ensures that ag-based biofuels will remain competitive for decades to come. This is a tremendous opportunity to bring value to farmers, bioethanol producers, and rural communities and counties in participating states, and I believe it will unleash even more opportunities for ag and bioprocessing in the future.”

As we continue to move towards the construction of this important infrastructure project, this partnership marks a huge step in the right direction. A step that will benefit Midwest farmers, producers, and families.

Summit’s CEO Lee Blank said, “Our partnership with POET is creating new economic opportunities in agriculture. This initiative is aimed at enhancing the financial profitability of our farmers, contributing to higher land values, and ensuring a more prosperous future for farm families and communities. Our focus is on tangible benefits that directly support the backbone of our nation’s agricultural industry.”

Thank you for your support!