80 Percent of North Dakota Landowners Along Pipeline Route Support Project

Across the Midwest, the ball is still rolling in the right direction. Recently, Summit Carbon Solutions announced they have signed 80 percent of North Dakotans who live along the CO2 pipeline route.

Summit CEO Lee Blank said, “Our team is dedicated to working with landowners to address concerns and reach a mutually agreeable path. This has led to a higher percentage of ROW acquisition, reflecting our commitment to progress and community partnership.”

This also includes multiple reroutes in Burleigh, Emmons, and Dickey counties and the addition of 12 miles to the route.

As we navigate through various roadblocks and obstacles, we will continue to focus on the enormous and countless benefits that come from capturing, transporting, and storing carbon. It is important that supporters of this project continue to vocalize why these projects are important and why others should join us in supporting it.

Leiland White of Madison, South Dakota recently wrote a letter to the editor: “Summit is working hard to open new markets for corn growers and ethanol producers in South Dakota. There is a vast majority of folks just like me who have made a wonderful life through agriculture. They too support Summit’s project and know it is the way forward for South Dakota.”

If you are interested in authoring an LTE or taking other action to show your support, email us at info@midwestagfuture.com or click here.

Thank you for your support