South Dakotans Voice Their Support for Carbon Capture Projects

Despite some tough headlines and a complex and unpredictable regulatory process, support for carbon capture projects continues to grow throughout South Dakota.  Local residents are showing elected officials at all levels there is support for carbon capture projects and that people want the review process to continue.

Summit Carbon Solutions is working with cities, counties, and states to update and revise plans for their important project.  This means more work to navigate the thorough permitting process to keep things focused on getting the projects done. As this work continues, public support is strong and growing.

More than 3,100 South Dakotans have directly shown their support for carbon capture, transportation, and storage projects, specifically Summit Carbon Solutions.  Over 1,000 messages have been sent to County Commissioners, State Legislators, Governor Noem, and the South Dakota Congressional Delegation in support.

Landowners, small business owners, ethanol plants, and farmers are working together to back these important economic development projects. These folks have collectively raised their voices to show elected officials there is strong support for CCS projects that will allow for a strong and stable future for our corn growers, for the ethanol industry, and for South Dakota communities.

Midwest Ag Future believes that by bringing voices together, we can support the right vision for a brighter future by showing the incredible support for carbon capture, transportation, and storage projects.