Siouxland Energy Cooperative Board of Directors: “Carbon Capture Needed for Market”

In a recent letter to the editor that appeared in the Northwest Iowa Review, Siouxland Energy Cooperative board members wrote that “Agriculture is Iowa’s most profitable industry and has led to wealth and prosperity for many, especially in rural communities. … One out of every two rows of corn planted in Iowa will be processed into ethanol.”

The writers underscored the tremendous economic and environmental potential of carbon capture and sequestration projects.

“Because most producers cannot develop and implement individual carbon capture and sequestration programs economically, Summit Carbon Solutions has answered the call to partner with ethanol plants and other industries to research, develop and implement a rigorously vetted sequestration plan using the most technologically advanced methods available.

“By participating in this effort, ethanol plants will lower their carbon intensity scores by half and produce a renewable fuel that will be the cleanest burning, lowest carbon fuel on the planet.”

Read the entire letter to the editor here.