Myth Number One: The Ethanol Industry Is Dying

It’s time to start setting the record straight against the extreme special interest groups that have launched a relentlessly negative campaign against ethanol producers and farmers.

For example, the Sierra Club of Iowa is “planning for the future beyond ethanol” and argues that it “behooves us to strategically think about a future without ethanol.”

The ethanol industry brings an incredible boost to the state’s GDP, can lead to incredible state and local taxes, and is critical in establishing strong commodity prices and robust land values.

More than 30 ethanol plants across Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska have partnered in advancing a $4.5 billion carbon pipeline that will capture and safely store carbon dioxide underground in North Dakota.

In Iowa alone, 12 ethanol plants are a part of this state-of-the-art project that represents the future of American agriculture. Despite what the radical environmentalists may say, Ethanol is the future and very much alive and well.