LTE: Why I signed an easement with Summit Carbon Solutions

Kenneth Hintz of Beulah, N.D., submitted a letter to The Forum about his decision to sign an easement with Summit Carbon Solutions.

As a landowner and being raised on a farm in Oliver County, I was pleased to sign an easement with Summit Carbon Solutions. This project gives Summit an opportunity to lower the carbon score of energy plants in North Dakota. If we don’t get on board, the global market will turn to alternatives that will meet the low carbon demand.

In conversations with other landowners in Oliver County, I have found most to be in favor of this project; however, there is a small percentage that are worried that the carbon dioxide injected underground may have adverse effects on our land several generations down the road. I really don’t think that’s going to happen as I have the utmost confidence in the research Summit has done and I also feel Summit management is comprised of top-quality individuals.

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