KMAland: “Summit Carbon Solutions reaches easement milestone”

KMAland has a detailed story about the progress of Summit Carbon Solutions’ carbon capture, transportation, and storage project.

(Ames) — Progress is reported in the efforts to secure easements for a proposed carbon sequestration project in KMAland.

Officials with Summit Carbon Solutions recently announced that nearly 2,100 landowners have signed approximately 3,400 easement agreements for the proposed Midwest Express C02 pipeline project. The easements cover more than 1,000 miles across Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota–the five-state region included in the project. Jesse Harris is the company’s public affairs director. Harris recently told KMA News the company has now secured agreements for more than half of the proposed pipeline route.

“I think it’s a reflection of the fact that the ethanol industry, I think, is widely believed to be one of the most critical industries in the state of Iowa,” said Harris. “This project was created and initiated specifically to open up new economic opportunities. The 32 ethanol plants that we’re partnering with will be able to sell their product at a premium in a growing number of states and countries that have low carbon fuel standards. So Canada, California, Oregon, Washington, they all pay more for low carbon fuels. So, this really gives the ethanol industry a significant advantage moving forward.”

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