Des Moines Register: “Iowa Farmers Face $1 Billion-a-Year Hit to Income Without Carbon Pipelines, Report Says”

“Iowa farmers could lose about $1 billion in annual farm income if carbon capture pipelines aren’t built to ensure the state’s largely corn-based ethanol will remain viable as the country seeks to slow down climate change, says the second part of an industry-backed report,” the Des Moines Register reported.

“Iowa is the nation’s largest producer of both corn and ethanol. A 75% estimated loss in ethanol production if the pipelines aren’t built would force the state’s growers to ship about 44% of their crop outside of the state, primarily to neighboring ethanol-producing states Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota, says the report. … The association released the second report as lawmakers are expected to consider legislation that would make it harder for the three companies proposing pipelines, Summit Carbon Solutions, Navigator CO2 Solutions and Wolf Carbon Solutions, to them in Iowa. Last month, the association released the report’s first part, calculating that, without the proposed pipelines, the Iowa ethanol industry would lose about three-fourths of its production, worth about $10.3 billion annually, to neighboring states in the next five to 10 years,” the Register further noted.

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