“Iowa Easement Team” Based Out of Nebraska Attorney’s Office

Projects like carbon capture create strange alliances that challenge us all to really understand what is happening and who is behind it.

For example, farmers in Iowa are being contacted by a group that calls itself the “Iowa Easement Team.”

The “Iowa Easement Team” is an anti-ethanol group based out of the law offices of Domina Law in Omaha, Nebraska.

As you may remember, Domina Law’s Brian Jorde “is working with the Sierra Club” in opposition to a proposed state-of-the-art carbon capture pipeline, according to a media report

Jorde and the Sierra Club’s Jessica Mazour “co-host weekly Zoom strategy sessions for landowners who oppose the pipeline. They’ve also filed legal documents with the Iowa Utilities Board accusing pipeline developers of not following the letters of the law.”

While Jorde tries to pretend that he is a friend to farmers and landowners, his close alliance with the radical Sierra Club, a longtime opponent of the ethanol industry, demonstrates his true motivations.

The Sierra Club “opposes further deployment of corn-based ethanol.” It also complains that Americans may be “stuck with corn ethanol forever.”

Iowa farmers and landowners won’t be fooled by Jorde’s “Iowa Easement Team” front group that is based in his Nebraska law office.

See the screen grab below from the Iowa Easement Team website.