In the News (via Siouxland News): “Along the Route: Lincolnway Energy. Ready for partnership with Summit Carbon Solutions”

Built among the farm fields of central Iowa between Ames and Nevada, sits Lincolnway Energy. This ethanol plant has a big plan for the future.

Lincolnway Energy, which began operations in 2006 and produces upwards of 90 million gallons of ethanol a year, is one of more than two dozen producers who have partnered with Summit Carbon Solutions to capture and sequester their CO2 emissions, providing another financial touch-point for farmers.

“We’re excited to partner up with Summit,” said Chris Cleveland, plant manager at Lincolnway Energy. “I think it’s growth. I think it’s job security because this is going to let us sequester CO2 into the pipeline. (It’s) a future for ethanol producers, a future for our farmers and our markets.”

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