Follow the Money: Major Foundations Funnel Big Money to Extreme Anti-Ethanol Clean Up the River Environment (CURE)

Clean Up the River Environment (CURE) is a radical Minnesota-based organization that opposes trailblazing carbon capture and storage projects that fundamentally transform American agriculture.

Major Minnesota-based grantmakers to CURE since 2003 are the McKnight Foundation, the Bush Foundation, the Minneapolis Foundation, the Carolyn Foundation, the Minnesota Community Foundation, and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation of Minnesota, Inc.

Major California-based foundations bankrolling CURE since 2003 are Energy Foundation China and the United States Energy Foundation.

A leader in the so-called fossil fuel divestment movement, the McKnight Foundation is a prolific funder of the anti-ethanol Sierra Club and the extreme Tides Foundation & Tides Center.

The Bush Foundation and the Minneapolis Foundation have also bankrolled the anti-ethanol Sierra Club.

Energy Foundation China has praised the Chinese government for its “efforts to achieve modernization by upgrading its economy and decarbonizing its energy system with high productivity and much lower emissions of carbon and other pollutants.”

In 2021, Minnesota’s ethanol industry produced an estimated $6.1 billion of economic activity, generated 22,810 jobs, and contributed $2.1 billion to the state’s gross domestic product (GDP), according to the University of Minnesota.



Grantmaker Location


McKnight Foundation

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Bush Foundation

Saint Paul, Minnesota


The Minneapolis Foundation

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Energy Foundation China

San Francisco, California


Carolyn Foundation

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Minnesota Community Foundation

Saint Paul, Minnesota


United States Energy Foundation

San Francisco, California


Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation of Minnesota, Inc.

Minneapolis, Minnesota


(Foundation Directory Online, Accessed 12/18/22)