Executive Director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association: “Capturing and Sequestering Carbon Will be Life or Death for Most Ethanol Plants”

How high are the stakes for ethanol producers when it comes to carbon capture and sequestration projects?

“I honestly don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that capturing and sequestering carbon will be life or death for most ethanol plants over the next five years,” Monte Shaw, the executive director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, recently told attendees of the organization’s annual summit in Des Moines.

Shaw criticized a series of bills in the state legislature that unfairly target carbon pipelines and would create an uneven playing field for ethanol producers. “If you are an Iowa legislator and you honestly believe our current laws don’t provide enough landowner protections, that’s your right. But if you support legislation that singles out (carbon dioxide) or liquid fuel pipelines instead of applying new standards to all eminent domain requests, then I politely suggest you’re not really interested in property rights,” Shaw said.

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