Send a Letter to Support Carbon Capture, Transportation, and Storage Projects

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Recently, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Commerce held public hearings related to the proposed carbon capture pipeline from Otter Tail County to Wilkin County. They then prepared a draft Environmental Impact Study (EIS) on the project.

Now, they are accepting public comments on the draft EIS to the docket.

This project plays a huge role in connecting Minnesota to the proposed CO2 pipeline system throughout the Midwest which will transport carbon to North Dakota where it will be permanently stored underground.

The benefits of this pipeline range from additional tax revenue and a boost to our local economy, to increased marketplace for our corn growers and ethanol producers, to helping ensure Minnesota meets its carbon goals over the coming decades.

Please fill out the form to the right to show your support for this important project by submitting an official comment to the Minnesota Docket.

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